Customer Experience Management (CXM)

What is Customer Experience Management (CXM)?

Customer Experience management is called as CXM or CEM in addition interaction with your customers is one of the best practices to be followed by every organization. Customer experience management is more important to satisfy your customers and be loyal beyond their expectations.

In order to retain your customers, every source you use to establish connection is important. It’s all about handling end-to-end customer relationship with your brand despite the channel you chose to reach them.

9 Tactics for a Great Customer Experience Strategy

1. Know your customers

Understanding customer needs is one of the keys to build your business, also enhancing your customer experience is important for revenue and detainment. Distributors should be ready to acknowledge the changing trends and modify as the customer profile progress.

Tasks to understand your customers better

  • Customer engagement is interacting with your customers through different channels, getting direct feedbacks, comments and surveys from your loyal customers brings more insight on customer experience.
  • Watching what they do paying attention to customers interest is very important such as what ads they best respond to, what products they most browse for, where they drop off with a help of marketing tools.

2. Make products easy to find

Customers should find it easy and fast to search the products what they are looking for on your virtual store. In order to have the best user experience everything should be organized from the homepage to your category pages. That’s how product categorization and filtering works.

  • Product Categorization is organising and placing the products in specific categories in order to have the best shopping experience. Improve your user experience and attain good results with organised category and subcategories

.    Product Filtering allows your shopper to find their product searches based on the multiple aspects such as size, colour, prize, reviews and ratings. Using filters help customers to shop the products they need quickly and easily.

3. Build an omnichannel for best customer experience

Having an omni channel is very important to help businesses, providing more insights about customer engagement and interactions. Customers will expect similar engagement with your business over all channels both online and offline that’s the key for the best omnichannel customer experience.

4. Deliver Exceptional customer service

Impart customer services beyond their expectation, services you provide should always be customer focused and not company focused. Happy customers will always provide positive reviews for your business, so you need to monitor every interaction of your customer to deliver an exceptional customer service.

5. Train your Customer focused team

Your customer driven teams are the first people to interact with your customers. Their act will be the first and lasting impression of your brand and business. You should have a expound standard to define your business to your customers for interaction, support your team to maintain that standard.

  • Product knowledge

Your team should have better understanding about your products and business that helps the most while handling your customers. Training your team with all genuine information about your business will help business in following ways

  1. It is helpful to understand your customer needs and provide them solution faster.
  2. Responding to customer queries rapidly brings them confidence.
  3. Having a good product knowledge, you can deal with customer complaints effectively.

6. Customer Experience Metrics

Performance metrics are the only way to analyse your company’s performance and also to know how your teams are performing. Overall business success can be judged by the performance of your technical team, marketing team, sales team and customer service team

Focus more on your customers to give them a best customer experience, here are some of the metrics for acquired customers

  • Net Promoter Score this is proportion of your customers who may or may not suggest your products to their family, friends and colleagues.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score is called as CSAT score, its used in most of the business to know the overall experience of the customer or for the certain engagement. You can measure your business success by customer satisfaction score.

7. Persistent Brand Personality

Create a unique brand quality which no other brand has and that simply brings trust for your customers. Instead of focusing on functionality and affordability focus on customer experience.

When you ask for popular brands among people they come up with Apple, Nike, Amazon, McDonald’s they are ahead of competition and they will always be, they have a unique quality that creates a persistent brand personality.

8. Respect Employee Ideas

Employees are more engaged at work when they feel they are valued and are more willing to help customers. Employees who interact with customers are in a unique position who delivers your brand promises. Employees are actively disengaged when they think their higher officials ignore them so it’s very important to respect the opinions and ideas of your employees.

  • Take Action set up a suggestion box where employees can give their feedbacks and suggestions, taking action on the employees’ feedback is one of the most important things. Give opportunities to their voice, provide more valuable insight to your business. 

9. Make Customers part of your company’s success

Building strong relationship with customers is important for company’s success. Customers feel valued and honored when you make them a part of your social events and programs. We all know satisfied customers give us a successful business, some of the positive ways to the company’s growth are

  • Reward your loyal customers offer your customers with free gifts, coupons and discounts in return they recommend new customers, friends and family to your business.
  • Give them early access your customer will feel valued when you give early access to your new products
  • Offer Discounts offer price reductions for high-spending customers when they reach specific spending target.

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